Franklin Method® and Music

Improving your body awareness and anatomical knowledge leads to improved posture, movement, stage presence and ability of handling your instrument / voice:

Workshops / Courses with Sophia Mae Tabassi

In my workshops and courses I impart anatomical knowledge, the perception of it and its application when working with your instrument/voice. The objective is to improve your performance, musical expression and the skill using your instrument.
As a graduated jazz singer, I musically mainly focus on popular music, despite having received classical training on the flute on the one hand, and on the other hand the physiology of the body remains completely independent of any genre.

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Subject areas:

  • Fitness training for musicians with latex band and ball;
  • Experiencing the connections between pelvis, diaphragm and breathing;
  • Voice support – with regard to the interplay of synergetic and antagonistic forces in breathing;
  • Experiencing free and relaxed shoulder movements; Trapezius, Latissimus and co;
  • Shoulder joint, elbow, wrists – experiencing the kinematic chains; straightening from the middle for relaxed playing and singing;
  • Loosening jaws and cervix to facilitate playing and singing;
  • Hip joints, knees and ankle joints – experiencing the kinematic chains;
  • Coccyx and “laid-back feeling”;
  • Mobility of the spinal column – flying hands and fingers
  • Piriformis and other  rotator muscles
  • Bladder, heart and brain – organs in musical swing
  • Lymph flow – holding the musical arch in a slow ballad
  • etc.: There are thousands and thousands of cells offering you experience and sensation of yourself.


  • Room
  • Piano/clavinova
  • Mats
  • Respective instruments
  • If need be: Boxes/Micros

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