Jani Joni Jachuene

Yani Yoni Ya Chu Wey Hey 

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Jani Joni Jachuene

We recorded this traditional Native Indian birth song in all its simplicity:

For everybody who wants to support the process of giving birth or any other process of change or healing. Join along with singing, dancing, listening – for the joy of life. For pregnant women, for future fathers, midwives, children, and everybody else! „Yani Yoni Ya Chu Wey Hey“ – awaken the strength of the bear! Brings blessing when sung at new moon.


Jani Joni Jachuene – 80 bpm in C
Jani Joni Jachuene – 88 bpm in D
Jani Joni Jachuene – 99 bpm in D

Coverartwork – Water Vibration Photography by Günter Schön – www.alfafoto.at
Thank you Erika, for singing me this song! www.noreia-essenz.com