Franklin Method®

Be an Expert in what you do daily!
                                            Eric Franklin


The holistic Franklin Method pedagogy extended classical ideokinesis by modern biomechanics and physiology.
With the help of boundless imagination prevalent uncomfortable movement patterns are erased and replaced by new comfortable ones.
Joyful enhancement of body awareness and anatomical knowledge – improved posture, physical presence, and movement ability; Motion awareness, exercises and ideas for your body from top to toe;
Improved quality and skill of moving: standing, walking, bending, lying, making music, chopping wood, cooking, cleaning, etc. You’ll gain a new feeling for your body, improve your inner perception of it and, most importantly, totally enhance your general wellbeing.

In my workshops and courses I impart anatomical knowledge and how to perceive and experience it as well as how to apply it when doing everyday chores – be it carrying children, sitting in front of a PC, working with music instruments or practicing your voice. Working with your body and your voice inspires, stimulates and invigorates!

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